Sunday, March 22, 2009

picniking on the warrior.......

No it isn't a new term for editing pictures!

It all started with a phone call from Quinn and an acknowledgement that it was absolutely beautiful outside. "Momma you are going on a picnic with us! Get ready!"

We made sandwiches, grabbed cheese and strawberries. Loaded drinks and a blanket and headed out.

Walking up the trail on the Black Warrior River, Elliot spotted a little peninsula that looked dry and flat enough for our little picnic. It was! Isaiah and Addy loved the fresh air. Quinn and I almost enjoyed a nap. Elliot skipped rocks and Coleen looked on.

We were treated to the sight of the Alabama row team, "Row Tide" practicing their strokes up and down the river. They were sweet enough to wave at Addy. Addy was so excited to see them. She was jumping up and down and yelling at the top of her lungs. Just as we were leaving a huge barge full of coal came along.

All in all it was a very relaxing afternoon. We wrapped it up that evening with dinner at Northport Dinner with Stephen's Grammy and Janet! Cool Saturday afternoon!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 14.......

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Ian, happy birthday to you!

This weekend, Karen and Anthony stopped along the way and picked up Ian's daughter, Kami to come see her daddy for his birthday. We all celebrated Saturday night with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and a delish cake from Publix. No I did not bake one. We had too much to do during the day to allow me time to measure, mix, bake and ice! Here are a couple of more pictures......

Anthony and Karen were here for the entire weekend. I am so sad cause our Anthony has gone back to work and it will be several weeks till we see him again!

Quinn and Stephen were there. Poor babies are really not into Addy's terrible two's. She has developed a very strong personality and I am afraid it is not going to mellow! I personally think she is perfect. We just need to anticipate her every need and fill it before she is aware of needing it. :)

Karen thought it would be funny to leave the red in her eyes. There was even talk of adding little horns. Shameful people!

She was very unhappy though because they did not have macaroni and cheese. She actually wanted macaroni and cheese. When our waitress asked her what she wanted she said, "I want macaroni and cheese, please." How can they run out of macaroni and cheese???????

And not to be left out, here is my happy happy boy! He talked to everyone that came by our table. He only became cranky when his papa would not pay attention to him!
So I hope you all enjoyed a few pictures of Ian's 43rd birthday party. Karen took the pictures. Well except for the one of her and Anthony. I took it. Coleen and Elliot and Kami were also there but alas no picture of them has made its way to me!