Thursday, April 30, 2009

Elliot's birthday

I am not good at keeping this blog thing current. There are too many things going on in my life not to mention that I had an inner ear infection that sidelined me for a few days. So much happened from the weekend of the picnic until Elliot's birthday. Things of note: My aunt Terry was in the hospital. She was sick and the doctors are still not sure of what was wrong. They do know what it was not. It was not her heart, her brain, or a tumor, or an infection. She was unconscious for a while. I understand that Renae broke down her door to get to her. Then there was spring break. Coleen went to Hattiesburg and Picayune. She had a blast with her Uncle Paul fishing. I am glad she was able to go. Hopefully this summer she and Elliot will be able to go back. So while Coleen was whiling away the hours cruising the Jordan River catching a fish or two showing up her uncle Paul, Elliot and I celebrated his birthday. We went to the Kobe Steak House in Midtown. It was very nice. They sang happy birthday to him in Japanese while banging on a huge drum. The entire restaurant knew that someone had a birthday. For his treat they gave him a set of chop sticks in a pretty wooden box. It was very special. You do notice there are no pictures right????????

So lets skip straight to April 15, the day he was supposed to have been born. Ian, Quinn, Stephen, Addy, Isaiah, Elliot and I went to eat supper again. It was equally nice because we were almost complete. Anthony of course was still out and Karen was in Hattiesburg. And of course Coleen was still being a river rat in Picayune! Here is a picture..........

We all had a great time. The chef was fascinating to young and old alike as you should be able to tell from the following picture........ So then the staff banged on yet another drum and sang happy birthday to Elliot again. We called it Happy Birthday Part Deux. Addy was so impressed with the chopsticks. She wasn't completely sure of what you used them for.
All in all I believe Elliot had a wonderful birthday. Part one and part two!

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