Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ooppss... then a month was gone!

I promised I was going to do better with this posting business. It is not going so well so far. Maybe this month will be the turn around. I have been very busy amassing loads of new memories though. Let's see I left ya'll right around Anthony's birthday. That will be my first memory.

We called Ant on his birthday (he was working and not at home)! I miss my son so very much. He is my best friend and I never get to see him now. And yes Quinn, you are my heart and soul, but Ant understands me cause he was there helping me so much of the time when you were off at Maggie-May's playing! He came home the first weekend of June and we celebrated his birthday then. Here are a few pictures!

So then he left after we swam, ate, and enjoyed each other's company. I missed him the minute he walked out my door. I know that I am not the only mother writing on this blog, but your first baby is the one that always seems to be leaving you! Just makes me sad, although I promise I am so very proud he is independent and so able!

While Anthony and Karen were here visiting, my dads brother, Truman, passed away. He was just recently diagnosed with lung cancer and had been hospitalized mostly since. It is always sad to me when someone diagnosed with cancer succumbs to their illness. I did not attend any of the services. Some folks probably find fault with that. I just found myself in the position that it was not possible for me to plus I felt my presence would not have helped anyone. My dad and he were close but I have never really cared for him. He had problems. He is dead now and if anything, I know that it is very poor form to speak ill of the deceased. I will just close this memory by saying that I am very sad he became sick with cancer. I would not wish it on anyone. I am very sad that my father no longer has his brother as a companion. He is alone again. I hope that anyone that reads my blog and smokes cigarettes will think about quitting. I know that is not the only cause of lung cancer, but it is a major one. In this instance it was the culprit with both my mom and Truman. Stop if you do. Don't ever start if you don't.

So then we muddled through until my birthday. It was pretty much an uneventful day. I worked. My boss, Vickie, took the office out to lunch to celebrate. We ate at Mug Shots. It was delicious! I was so stuffed all afternoon. The night before (my birthday was on a Friday and Ian is off on Thursdays but works on Fridays) Ian and I went to eat suppers at Lupe's and to see a movie. It was our first date in a very long time and judging how it went, it might be our last one for a while. I am not one to discuss our issues, so no I will not go into them now. We had a pleasant enough time. Things are just a little odd at the time with us. Ian, I think, is having some separation issues that he refuses to deal with. Anyway, we saw "The Proposal". It was very good. So I did have a nice birthday. No cake or fanfare, but my kind of birthday.

That night I began to wonder down memory lane in search of pictures of friends I have recently re-acquainted myself with on facebook. Here's one I found.

Yes this is me, before it all. Carefree and happy at an Alpha Sig function I went to as a pledge. I never did make it all the way to "sisterhood". I quit school, joined the Navy, got pregnant, got married, got in an accident, ya da ya da ya da........... I was 19 in this picture. My very dear friend, who happened also to be my date that night, Bob Ivey, took the picture. He was telling me to show a little leg! We had so much fun that night, dancing and being crazy. Anyway, that is how I spent the first night of my 45th year. Remembering........ Here are a couple others.

This is Richard Larson, Theresa Dubison-Larson, me, and Bob. We were a double date that night. Theresa was my big sis. I started out with Gretchen Ulerich, but she finished school before I was half way thru my pledge semester. Theresa was Gretchen's big sis, so by default she got me! poor girl! We were also roomies my last semester at USM. This was the semester I met Chris. We had a lot of fun together she and I! I am enjoying talking with her and Richard now that we have re-connected!

This is Celeste Miller. Her family hosted all of us that night at our formal. IT was about 20 all together, boys and girls. No one slept! We really had a great time that night.
I hope ya'll didn't mind my indulgence too much!

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