Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brought everyone up to my birthday........

So June came and went pretty uneventful. Things happened at work to keep me busy busy. We bought a van. Well a month and week later we are still trying to buy a van. We actually were approved, picked one out, drove it for a few days only to discover it had issues. Then after 3 weeks (almost 4) of waiting we received replacement #1. Not happy at all with the service the attitude and there are still issues. We had loaner #1 for over a week and just got replacement #1 back today. Sounds complicated and aggravating right?!

The long story short of the van issue is that sometime in August, I got the van I have been paying for and didn't have to take it back more than twice. I will never buy a vehicle from Car Max again. I miss living in a small town where I know the car lots and dealers! Next one we buy I don't care how long it takes or if I have to drive to Brookhaven to get it, it will be bought there!

Now for those of you following this blog you realize this post was started in JULY. It is now March 2010! SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!

I am not sure bloggin and me agree! ha ha.......

RECAP by month......

August, finally got the van, school started back, Elliot still in soccer, Coleen in Choir. The world is sane and getting back on kilter for Ian and me. Worked thru issues, yes we still want to be married :)

September, started out okay ended in heartache worry and undiagnosed illness. 6 months later we are finally with doctors who want to figure out what is wrong and fix it.

October, spent our 5th anniversary in the hospital. Ian is still having episodes but the doctors he sees during all this time say it is psuedo-seizures and he needs a shrink. We muddle thru. He isn't working. I am stressed to the max. Soccer is great, Choir is kicking along. Coleen decided to try out for All State.

November, Ian is stabolizing a little. He still has episodes but we are now at least discussing him going back to work. Thanksgiving is coming up we will see. I feel like at times I am a dog chasing its tale. Got to go home for Thanksgiving. It was awesome as usual. I really miss my family. I know that they don't realize how much I miss them but I really do. I could have crawled into Aunt Terry's lap and cried the entire weekend but I am stronger than that. I needed the away time. It did help. I felt more centered than I have in a while.

December, horrible tragedy for my boss and her family. Her brother in law was killed in an act of violence that so completely baffles the mind that no one will ever be able to explain it. He was a police officer in a Birmingham subdivision. He pulled over a man for speeding. NOT in a hood. A well to do surburb, nice car, guy driving it was a pharmacist. Nothing to worry about right. IN what has been discribed as a civil conversation between him and the idiot/psycho the man makes the comment that his own brother is a fellow officer in another Birmingham subdivision. Phillip offers to call the man's brother so that he will not hear his car being called in over the radio to tell him what is happening and the man just shot him. In the face. Nothing provoked. No reason at all. A speeding ticket. So you can imagine the horror we have all dealt with as friends. And then there is the worry I naturally feel for everyone I know and love that also wear a uniform and pull people over. Please Jason Kelly always take precautions. Josh you too and all your friends. It is a horrible waste. Phillip was 32 I think. Has a baby girl and boy, both under 3.

So we all muddled thru December. Ian went back to work the end of November. Elliot's team played in the state championship games again and made it to the final 4. They had been moved up to a new age bracket but they still made a good showing. I am very proud of Elliot and not just for the soccer. He is really smart as well! He and Coleen both were on A/B Honor Roll 1st semester!

January, COLEEN TURNED 16. I will have to post a separate blog to show the pictures from her bash we held for her. It was a lot of work but she really seemed to enjoy herself that night. I was very happy to find my bed!

February, lets just say I survived it. That is (refer to an older blog) the hardest month at my job. My boss is still not 100%. I don't blame her. I also have been at my job for 3 filing seasons now so more was expected of me. I am very happy to say I did not disappoint anyone. I also was able to get Ian to see the Neurology Dept doctors at UAB in Birmingham. The drive there and back was a little unnerving. I haven't really driven in a huge city since my days in Memphis and swim meets. Anyway, the doctors were awesome. They are determined to find out what is causing Ian's episodes. They mentioned several things including a conversion disorder. Dr. Sung says that if it is indeed a conversion disorder he will personally recommend a psychiatrist and follow Ian's progress. He said we would need to be prepared for INTENSE therapy if that was the finding because in his experience anything causing such intense disruptive physical seizures in Ian was going to be very deep and repressed. HE WAS NOT DISMISSIVE like the other doctors have been. For those that may not know, Ian was diagnosed several years ago with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. The doctors here (and I agree with them) do not believe he has NPH. Dr. Walker says he has congenital hydrocephalus (he was born with it) and it has gone undiagnosed his entire life. Of course Hydrocephalus is still Hydrocephalus. I am just glad that they have taken NPH off the table. It is very dibilitating/rapid loss of mobility and memory. So we are definitely dealing with hydrocephalus. That does not explain the seizures/episodes that Ian has continued to have since September. It is hard to describe them. They are not grand mal seizures. We know that. Hopefully we have found the place and the doctors that will find out what they are and how to treat them!

I have brought you all up to speed or at least up to March 2010! woo hoo......

I solemly swear I will try to do better.

Oh did I mention sometime in the mix of all this, My ANT & LULU became pregnant. Our little Minnie Mouse/Mickey Mouse will join us around the end of July! yes Addy chose the name. :)

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