Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I really bite at this blogging thing........

I have let yet another month go by without a single blog entry! AND so much has happened!

Lets see I will try order so that I will remember it all......

Elliot is definitely in the throes of soccer. He has one more game (last game of the season was rained out so it is a make-up game) in his regular season and supposedly several "friendly" games with teams we played during regular season. He has proven himself once again that he thinks he is invincible on the field. He chases the ball with a passion and determination that is catching to his teammates. He passes, dribbles, shoots, and puts himself in the way of the opposition with skill that amazes me. He catches up to and passes boys that have at least 4 to 6 inches on his stride and at least 30 pounds more in muscles. When I say he is tenacious I am not exaggerating. His coach will often stand amazed after a particularly hard hit on the head by either the ball or an opposing player as Elliot will jump up exclaiming "I'm good" while resuming his enthusiastic approach to play. He has been targeted during games by opponents that out weighed him, out jumped him, out ran him, but in the end he held his head high and knew he stood his ground. To quote his coach "That is one tough little son of a gun". I love to watch him play. In case you can't tell, I am very proud of his accomplishments on the field and then there is the off the field accomplishments also. Ell has been an A/B student since kindergarten. He has not reduced his committment to inteligence while improving his athletic skills. He also excels in friendships. I worried when we moved that I would take Elliot out of his comfort zones and make him start over. I felt he would be fine, but I never realized how easily people would attach to him. He draws you to him. He is that kind of person.

Then my sweet Leenie amazes me daily as she grows as a woman and yet always stays my little girl. She has concentrated on singing this year as her extra-curricular activity.

I was interuppted last May when I began this blog by life I am sure.

It is now December 2010. So much has happened. So much to tell. I am afraid that I will not be blogging publicly for a while. Not that I have been that great at it. :)

We are all okay and getting ready for our 3rd Christmas here in Tuscaloosa.

Merry Christmas ya'll.

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