Monday, May 25, 2009

Mother's Day

From my last post you can see what happened in my world on Mother's Day. Elliot had travelled with another family for the tournament that weekend so it was just me and Coleen at home. We both had a terrible cold so Quinn and the babies did not dare come over. Ian was the last to get it the next week. I did however get some beautiful flowers from Leeny & Otters.
The flowers were quite lovely but as can be seen from the photo several of them were wilted upon arrival. Ian had used an online service to order the flowers. He was very upset at the quality of flower that was delivered. He had on a couple of occassions in the past used online ordering services and had never had a problem. The company was very gracious to replace the flowers with another item. I chose a spa basket that was full of scrumptious smelling soaps and candles.
Mother's day is a very difficult time of year for me because I no longer have my mother with me. We have the "relay", her birthday, and Mother's day all in one week so I can get a little moody the first week of May. I decided this year that I have allowed that self pity for the last time. I was miserable on Mother's day because I was sick, but otherwise I tried to think of all the great and wonderful things I shared with my mom in the past. We have laughed, cried, cooked, and eaten our way thru a lifetime of mother's days and I want some day to look back and see that my children have the same memories.
So I hope that like my flowers, being a little wilted is gone and is being replaced with a new and wonderful thing!

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