Saturday, May 9, 2009

TCHS Women's Choir

Women's Choir of Tuscaloosa County High School. Coleen is in there somewhere in the middle of the second row.
She has totally shocked me by wanting to be in the choir. Like reading, as she gets older she is more and more my child. I love to sing and as a young adult and an older one, I have always tried to remain involved in a choir.
This is the entire Women's Choir and director Ginnie White
There is my Leeny! Sing girl sing!
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  1. Robin! This is wonderful.. Great pictures and wonderful sentiments. Your Mom would have been so proud of you..... I wonder if you read my latest myspace blog? It's about my own Mother. Our loss is one of our kindred connections... I hope you write more. Subscribing now! Love always.... J

  2. welcome to blogdom onemsqueen! I love bloggin but all my blogs don't get published. It has helped my stress level a LOT! ha ha.......