Saturday, February 21, 2009

Embarrassment is us!

Okay the fact that a small child witnessed this was not embarrassing enough for me. The fact that I posted it on my facebook was not embarrassing enough for me. I decided my four faithful friends should get the full story so that they can laugh at me and my moment of pure embarrassment!

Elliot had soccer practice today at Sokol park. That was fine. I took him and picked him up. I stood around talking to the team manager, Mark Shepherd, for about 15 minutes after practice. Elliot handed me his soccer ball and water jug and ran off to play with his teammate/Mark's son. I very cleverly decided as I was walking to the car to dribble the ball to the car. I have done this a million times and never had a problem. WELL, it was extremely windy today. The instant the ball touched the concrete the wind caught it. I didn't want to run after it so in my infinite wisdom, I stuck my foot out to stop it. SILLY me! The spin of the ball and the weight of my foot did not agree and yes, yours truly hit the ground. It was NOT graceful and it WAS painful. I am bruised and scraped in multiple places now.

I have to eventually accept my age and my lack of athletic ability. Apparantly NOT soon enough!




  1. trying not to laugh....

    i am glad you just have "minor" injuries!

  2. It's okay. Laugh. I did. After I quickly got up, quickly got Elliot, quickly got in the van and DROVE away! I don't bruise so there really are no bruises. Just scrapes and my shoulder and right arm really hurt today!