Thursday, February 26, 2009


For those of you that think perhaps I have fallen by the way side, I have not. I have been extremely busy these last few weeks at work and I am mostly drained of thought and energy by the time I was home at night, plus I did have the flu. Anyway, we are finished with our tax filings and statutory required information filings at work! That is an awesome thing. We do business in 18 different states. That is a lot of work to file all of the correct documents and tax returns for each state. Anyway, just wanted to tell my blogging friends hello and that I will attempt to get back to my blogging more faithfully. I have an idea for an on-going blog that will perhaps be entertaining for ya'll.

Quick up dates on the kids, Coleen goes for her re-check on her knee next Thursday. I will let ya'll know how that goes. Elliot has his first game of the season this Sunday at 3 in Birmingham. It is a "friendly" and doesn't count, but the boys are real excited to put their new skills and knowledge to work. Addy has a cold and had to go see the doctor. The nurse was not very gentle with her and hurt her with the swab while doing a strep-test. Addy told me all about it in a very pitiful voice. She wants me to go spank the nurse. Isaiah is a little chubby grub! He got his 6 month check up and is doing GREAT! He is ahead of the game with his sitting up and tummy scooting. I think he has great inspiration to chase after his big sister. If he continues to grow as fast as he is he will quickly catch up to her in size. She is still so very petite! Her vocabulary still amazes me and she is making great strides in being diaper free!

Anyway, just a few words to catch ya'll up on the bunch in Tuscaloosa!

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