Monday, February 2, 2009

Now that Coleen has left my side, let me continue with my post. Anthony and Karen are still in Hattiesburg. They bought a house in June that I was finally able to see in November! See what I mean about a bad year! They also got a sweet little puppy/child that they named Lucy-Lou! She is precious and licks me even though I tell her in a stern voice that Lala does not like puppy-kisses!

Isn't she cute!

Now I would like to tell a story to all of you about the bad year we had. Last year actually in December 2007, I was offered the most fantastic job I have ever had. Of course Ian and I both were excited about the new job the new home the new everything. We felt it was our chance to reinvent ourselves and our lives. The crux was that we had to move before the first of the new year. We packed up all our worldly possessions (more than we realized we had) and started our new life on December 31, 2007. That meant we were unpacking boxes with no hope of a traditional New Year's meal on New Year's Day. Stephen's family (Grammy, Pop, and Janet) graciously treated us to dinner that day at a Tuscaloosa Icon of a restaurant- - Taco Casa! Needless to say everyone within hearing distance of me now knows that if you move on New Year's Eve and you eat tacos at Taco Casa you will have a terrible year financially and emotionally and physically! Did I mention earlier that I developed ulcers after moving over here! Ha ha... all good fun! yeah this year we had cabbage, black-eyed peas, and pork roast like you are supposed to do! Plus we put our puzzle together! This year has to be better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now I really am going to close. So many other stories to tell on another night! I am going to post one more picture although I really don't want to because it is not a complete picture of my family! However, it is a fun picture of most of us on Christmas Eve with our crowns on!


  1. Umm, I meant to ask earlier... what's up with the crowns anyhow? I think I missed that one!! LOL :)

  2. they came from our Christmas "Crackers". Christmas Crackers are an England tradition. You know those little indoor firecracker things you can buy that pop and confetti goes everywhere, well Christmas Crackers are like that only they have a toy surprise, a paper crown, and a really bad joke in them. Some even have treats. We wanted to do as many traditional things as we could this year and that was one of Ian's that we will definitely repeat. It was a LOAD of fun AND didn't we all look silly in our crowns!

  3. erm, yeah, silly, that's it! okay so again with the harry potter, I knew what crackers were! see, who says you don't learn anything from children's lit?? LOL! :) seriously though, I like traditions, even goofy ones, that's what makes holidays fun!

  4. it was what we had to do to keep our sanity this year. I didn't want to be depressed so I tried to fill our time with things that we've always wanted to do but the family party kept us from being able to do. It sort of worked. Maybe next year will seem more natural and mainly having Karen and Anthony with us next year will help! I missed them so much that day! :(