Tuesday, February 3, 2009

work is not the funnest thing to me today!

Okay as I mentioned before my blogs will not be filled with little tidbits of a daily life filled with the joy of parenting a small precious sweet little bundle. NO my bundles are 15 and nearly 13 that still live here and that I am still actively parenting. My other bundles are married and concerned with their own bundles be it my little grans, Addy & Isaiah or my little gran-pup, Lucy! So I am going to bore you all to tears with my world of ----- you guessed it---- accounting!

Teach ya'll to follow my blog!

Today was particularly stressful because I actually worked on a schedule for our annual filing and people kept interrupting me with important things to do! Shameful people. This is our really busy time of year because we have so many official filings that have to be done by certain days. We do business in 18 different states and they all require annual reconciliations by March 1st. We have our NAIC filing (lovingly called our Blue Book) that is required to be filed by February 27 this year. We have state pages that have to be done, December financials to finalize before we can do the state pages, municipal taxes that have to be filed and paid, annual taxes that have to be filed and paid, and now it is time to start working on January financials already! Did I mention that it is stressful a little at my work just now? OH and on a daily basis I have to process the deposits for 2 different companies, send information electronically to our bank so that the checks we write will be honored, AND make any journal entries to record income that our system doesn't automatically record! It is busy during the morning every day but some afternoons can be slow and killing!

I really love my job. My boss is sometimes a little short tempered but she is a good person. My co-workers are great! EXCEPT for Gary. He has got on my last nerve today ;) ha ha...... So now I have bored all ya'll with a glimpse into the accounting world in which I live! I will try my best to take my camera to work and take some pictures to show ya'll my world.

So are you thinking that my whole life is about debits and credits and double declining depreciations yet? nah........

Elliot has soccer practice right now. That is partially how I am able to sit in peace and put two words together without constant interruption. Coleen is sitting on the couch nursing her knee. It is so COLD here tonight. Elliot had to take my gloves to keep his hands from freezing while he was running. He has a new coach and there is no inclimate weather in soccer if ya'll don't know that. Unless it is lightening or the field is covered in ice soccer plays on! The new coach was a professional player a couple of years ago. He quit because the strain of medical school was too much and he didn't feel he was being fair to the rest of the team. He played on the Atlanta Silverbacks team. He was their keeper. He also coaches the ODP girls league and is one of several Keeper Trainers for both ODP boys and girls. So some of you may want to know what a keeper is or what ODP is (Beth). hee hee........ The keeper is the person in the goal. He "keeps" the ball out! ODP is Olympic Developmental Pool. We have 2 boys on the U-13 team. It is a big honor to be chosen and very good exposure. So as you may guess we are very proud to have this guy coaching our boys. So far he has not one time yelled at Elliot and he has given him a couple "Atta-boys" to boot! Elliot is small but he is one of the most dedicated on the field. Being a natural leftie helps him a lot as well plus his speed. He is fast! Ya have to be fast when most of the guys on your team have 4-6 inches more leg than you do! ha ha.......

Coleen is also playing soccer and is VERY involved in art. Her coach told her last week that she has to help paint some signs for the soccer field. He said he believed in using the whole athlete and since she is a great artist he wanted to make sure all of her skills were being used! He seems like a nice guy BUT I am a little distressed with their lack of concern over her knee. She hurt her knee before Thanksgiving in practice and it is still swelling and giving her fits. We went to the doctor almost 2 weeks ago and they did an MRI on it. We heard back today (finally). She has a bone contusion. We called Brian to find out what this meant. He said pretty much that her bone was bruised. He said it takes a long time to heal and that she really needs to be careful and stick to the rehab program the doctor gave her. Thus my distress with the coach. He has not given the order to the trainer YET (as of today a full 12 days after it was given to his wife)! AND they have made Coleen run every practice. I am distressed. I am not even sure of what a bone contusion is. I know a contusion is a bruise but how the heck do you bruise a bone? How does it heal? What should you do to help it along, how long does it take? Questions questions questions!!!!!!

So there! That is today!


  1. I do know what a keeper is thank you-- I read Harry Potter remember! LOL!! Didn't know about the Olympic whatsit though. That is cool that Otters is on that team. Maybe he and Jason will both go pro, make tons of money and help support me in my old age... did you show Ian the emealz yet?

  2. Okay so I totally skimmed over all the accounting non since. Why don't you go talk to the trainer and coach. Her knee will not heal if she does not do the proper training to do so. That is my two since.

  3. ok B, as much as I wish El was on the ODP team he isn't. Mainly because we can't afford it. His coach is the coach for the girls ODP keepers. So it is the best of both worlds. Soccer we can afford and a ODP level coach!

    Now Karen as for the accounting nonsense! I sent a letter to school today to her teacher/coach. The little hussy didn't give it to her because she was afraid I was possible too mean in the letter. I wasn't. But anyway, she did tell the teacher/coach that she had a bone contusion and was to have been doing the rehab stuff and the teacher/coach finally got off her high horse and sent her to the trainer. BOUT FREAKIN TIME!!!!!!! and that is my two cents!

  4. rotfl... sly one aren't you... lmao!!!!!!!

  5. I don't know what you mean and you cannot prove a thing! Oh and I meant to type possibly instead of possible. I hate when I do that!