Monday, February 2, 2009

everyone else is doing it so why not?

My neice, my first cousin, and my daughter-in-law are all "blogging" so I decided that they should not have all of the fun alone. So here goes..............

We moved just over a year ago. I never knew how much it would upset the very fabric of my life to change my address. It was a very stressful time for us to begin with. I was offered a fantastic job with excellant pay and benefits so we really did not have a choice in moving. Ian was able to find a job within 3 months of our move which is really good. Unfortunately we were so far in the hole at that point that we are still struggling to catch up a year later.

I really worried for months that our family was not going to make it. IT was very hard to admit this to anyone but the mirror so don't expect any great details. Let's just leave it at my tolerance was zero and medicine levels needed to be adjusted and kids needed to be more respectful and we needed a monthly influx of about 800 bucks that we were NOT getting. Anyway, we are hopefully past the worst of it. We are able at least now to keep gas in the van and groceries in the fridge & cabinets. Our "mad money" jar is still mostly empty but we haven't had to raid it in over 5 months now! I am hopeful. Our future does look better. Our life feels better. So why dwell on the past.
The kids adjusted very well to the move. They love their schools. They have made friends. Coleen is in the 9th grade now and is very involved at church. She is playing soccer also with her highschool. Elliot is in the 7th grade and has been playing soccer on a select team since we moved here. He is such a great soccer player. It makes me very proud to watch him. He is a natural leftie and plays in the midfield position as a winger.

Quinn and Stephen and Addy moved over here in May! yay! Then little man joined us in August! Yay Isaiah! I have no clue on how to begin to tell how very much I love the little girl and boy! They are sweet and precious. Addy is so smart and sassy. She is learning what is good behavior and what is bad behavior. She is such a 2 year old! ha ha..... She asks us if we need time out all the time now; and then she will tell you why you are getting time out! Saturday, she was really fussy and would not eat because the spoon then the fork were not the ones she wanted and they wouldn't work right. It was bad. Her dad walked off with her to calm her and she cried to him that she needed a time out in Leeny's bed! Stephen said she was asleep before he could lay her down! Isaiah is so observant. He is 5 months old now. Sunday Quinn and Karen were looking at cakes and wondering what kind of cake we will make for him for his first birthday. They were remembering how much Addy loved her yellow rubber duckies. I wonder what Isaiah will "love" also and I am looking forward to watching his personality develope even more! He gave his momma a kiss tonight when she picked him up from Grammy's house.

Finding time to do this blog is going to be a challenge for me but not nearly as big of a challange as finding the privacy to do it! Coleen has just pointed out that I wrote a ton about Addy and Isaiah and only a very little bit about her. And she is 15 now!
So more will follow as I have time and less critical viewers!


  1. ummm, what am I?? Chopped liver??? You have a sister that blogs too! <{;-[ That is me pouting at being left out of blogdom...

  2. just wanted to say "welcome" to the world of blogging ... and, also, "thanks" for blogging... i love to keep up with the fam, but it is difficult since we're all so scattered, and busy too. Blogs really really help with that, and its fun all the while!
    BETH - i love that comment up there. hee hee. School her, girl! LOL

  3. where is your blog then Beth. I can only mention the bloggers I know about! uh-huh bloggin in secret are we! WELL!!!!!!

  4. and it is not (or was not?) secret! It is wide open public thank you!! LOL!!

  5. yes I know I found it quite easily. I clicked on your picture and it took me right to it. I just had never been informed that you were bloggin. Jennifer, Neisha, and Karen had all sent me an email asking me to read their blogs and giving me a link. When you started your blog I guess I wasn't on your guest list.... :(