Friday, February 6, 2009

My Ride To Work

turning onto Watermellon Rd

I have such a beautiful ride to work every day that I felt the need to share pictures and some commentary with you all so that you can know every day what I get to see and experience on my ride to work!

on McFarland looking at the Indian Hills Country Club Golf Course

There are such interesting street names that I travel on; Watermelon, McFarland, Jack Warner, Queen’s City Avenue to name a few. Well actually to name them all! Ha ha……..

Isn't the Black Warrior gorgeous. They say it is VERY cold!

I cross a beautiful river every day and travel up it for several miles. I travel past beautiful naturally occurring granite formations and perfect landscaping. There is a River Walk with wooden bridges and a lit path for walkers. Some mornings I am lucky enough to see the UA Rowing team flying up the Black Warrior River in their boats.

iron occurs naturally in the hills
the walk way is just beyond the rail. it is a wooden walk path with very antique looking street lights on the path

this is the county Library.... you know it was the first place we found!

i never have been able to get a reputable source on what this building is. it looks like a ruin of an ampitheater. however, someone said that it is the old public swimming pool!
All in all, I have one of the most interesting and peaceful rides I could have ever imagined. IT is filled with God’s natural wonder, man’s additions of plants and scenery, and some of the prettiest old homes in town.

just one of the many that I pass!

I hope you all enjoy my views as much as I do five mornings each week!

part of my desk.... the part I work on mostly anyway! please note the pictures hanging........

Now for the views that I see for roughly eight and one half hours EVERY day! (yes I snuck in a picture or two of my babies)

the other half of my "office"..... mostly store binders over here!

and the part where I live! new picture, sorry for the camera flash!
So I have now shown you all my ride to work and the place where I stare and wonder what I am supposed to be doing! ha ha.........


  1. you are a unique little individual, sister dear.... However, I do like the pictures! LOL :) I guess i could do that, too. Let's see-- it would go something like this...
    here's the first set of chicken houses I pass, oh and there's the HUGE cow pasture where for some reason or another the cows segregate themselves by color... (they really do, not lying!) and here's the SECOND set of chicken houses-- don't breathe too deeply-- here's the only intersection in lake that contains more than two roads, here's the third AND fourth set of chicken houses... ugh never mind... lmao!! :)

  2. I am so sorry you do not have such a scenic route to work every day. :)

  3. I wish I had such an interesting ride to work. All I have is interstate and refineries...gorgeous, huh?!?

  4. I would be hard pressed to choose between chicken houses and refineries... at least the refineries look interesting at night. Chicken houses stink whether the sun is out or not! LOL :)

  5. I don't know which is worse. Refineries smell pretty bad too! I am glad I entertained ya'll. I'll try to come up with other interesting things to take pictures of and post later. I had a video of Isaiah laughing but it is too long to post. I will try to get anotherone!

  6. This is such as GREAT idea! You are sooo creative! I'd love to share my trip to work one day - but not so much that I wish to go back to work yet. ha. i will try to remember to do this one day (after I am forced to go back to work of course).

  7. ha ha... thanks Neisha. I really do have a beautiful ride to work. Last year when we first moved here, Ian drove me to work every day, so I got to really enjoy the scenery. Now I have to concentrate on driving! :)