Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tis the season......

Yesterday we were snuggled in coats wondering if we would get snow or ice. Tonight, we were tossed about by wind, soaked by rain, and pounded by hail. Tis the season of ever changing weather!

Last week I was completely bedridden, ravaged by fever, shunned by my entire family, all because of a little virus bug called "flu". Tis the season of bad colds!

This week I am recovered and very grateful that none of the people I hold dear are writhing in agony as I was just a few days past. Tis the season of thankful answered prayers!

Monday last was full of love, sweet card and beautiful orchid from my son that so fills my heart with joy. Saturday I sat in my lonely world but still words of great devotion and undying love went to Anthony & Karen, Quinn & Stephen, Addy, Isaiah, Coleen, Elliot, and Ian. Tis the season of amore!

So I leave you all with just the quick note. Just a note to let you know all is well and all is fair once more. After all it is some season or another!