Thursday, February 19, 2009

supper tonight....

Quinn, Stephen, Addy, and Isaiah came over for dinner tonight. We invited them because it has been FOREVER since we spent the evening with them! Ian went to the store; bought steak and things to make rice and green beans. IT was so very nice to have them over. Addy is playing ball with Elliot and Coleen now. She is not happy with them. Little man is asleep in his momma's arms. I cannot even begin to tell you how sweet it is to have them all here and watch Addy play and Isaiah sleep! Sweet little babies!

OH and an update on Coleen's knee. She saw her doctor today. He said there is progress but he is not happy with it. We go back in two weeks. She is to do strict rehab and ride the bike at her school. If she can ride for 30 minutes with little to no pain she can try running on the treadmill. He is talking about not playing soccer at all this year. We will see. I want her to play because of all the conflicts that she has faced these past two weeks with her coach. Unfortunately, not all adults act like adults with teenagers. Coleen's coach was a little negligent and I called her on it. She was rude to me. So now Coleen wants to not play. I am trying to help her understand that in life not everyone falls in love with you and sometimes you have to do something even when the people involved don't even like you. It is called learning to succeed in adversity. Trust me, I would rather pull her out and stick my tongue out at the mean lady! ;)

So there is my entry tonight. No hint of poetry in it at all!


  1. Glad ya'll had a good evening! Your dinner sounds yummy...much better than the "breakfast for supper" dinner we had, lol! I hope Coleen's knee will improve drastically over the next couple of weeks!

  2. me and you both! He stressed to her that even though the rehab would hurt she had to do it. He showed me how the muscle in her right leg is not defined at all. The left is slightly defined. Anyway, in order to run they will both have to be strengthened a great deal!