Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This afternoon at about 4:45 I got one of those phone calls. It was a stranger telling me that my child had been in a car accident with her boyfriend, Evan. Thankfully I could hear her in the background saying, "he's not my boyfriend" or I might have died on the spot. I am very sure I have at least 10 more gray hairs tonight. Anyway, the person that called said that she was fine but they wanted to take her to be looked at and could I meet them at DCH. I actually beat them to the hospital and Quinn beat me! She was fine once I was finally allowed to go back to her. They had her strapped to a board with a neck brace on and all she could do was complain cause she had to use the bathroom! That's my girl. Anyway, her friend, Evan, that was driving received a minor injury. He broke his pinky toe. I felt really sorry for him because he was so upset that he might have hurt Coleen. He is a very unique young man and I am glad that Coleen has him for a friend. I may even let her ride in a car with him again. AT least I can be confident that he will never look away from the road again! So that is the extent of my day. Lots of other things happened but they really don't matter. My Leeny saw a moment that she had to realize she might be hurt or even killed and she walked away laughing and happily talking about what she would do tomorrow. God is good!


  1. okay-- a little warning next time! I nearly died when I read the first part even with the follow up of you could hear her! The brain works incredibly fast when the first part concerns one of the kids being in a wreck. Tell Leeny I am glad she is okay! UGH!! Why can they not all stay little until I am old and senile and don't give a rip who, what, when, or where????????

  2. I still can't believe she is old enough to be in the car with boys that drive!!!

  3. I know what you mean, B. I wonder at times why they can't just skip from 12 to 20 something! Anyway I have some pictures from my daily route to work and I have to come up with words to go with them for my next blog entry!